The Team

Kristi Hyson

Getting to know who people are and what they’re all about, is a large part of Kristi Hyson’s goals for her current and future clients. She has been immersed in the financial industry for over 16 years. Kristi’s access to a wide variety of flexible business finance and mortgage solutions allows her to help clients with solutions as their business and personal needs change. Her vast experience is coupled with various management and entrepreneur roles. Kristi also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Belynda Debeurs

Belynda Debeurs is a designated financial accountant who has devoted her whole career to helping small businesses like yours, generate higher profits consistently and with predictability. She is both a CFO and a profit coach with over 25 years of accounting experience. Her passion is to put the right financial plan in your hand, accelerating your company’s growth and leading you to ultimate success.

Tammy Williams

Tammy has been involved with Group Benefits since 2008 and is an Exclusive Advisor for the Chamber Group Insurance Plan. Her passion revolves around helping businesses with financial planning and helping business owners protect their interests with insurance strategies. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Cochrane Chambers of Commerce and recently won a Sales Excellence Award at the Chamber of Commerce National Conference.

Corinne Fiesel

Corrine Fiesel has been a lawyer for over 18 years with experience in corporate transactions, finance, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate.  She has a law degree from the University of Calgary and Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall in Toronto, Ontario.  Corrine has practiced in the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia and spent two years in the Cayman Islands working for a prominent offshore law firm.  She strives to provide excellence in service combined with common sense to her clients.

The Customer Journey

Experience our unique 5 step customer journey. We built it with you in mind. We understand the frustration you are feeling and want to let you know we are here for you. Here is how we are different:

Step 1) We help you find alternative financing solutions when others have turned you down
Step 2) We support your business by creating a financial business plan unique to you
Step 3) We help you transform your business by providing sales, marketing, leadership, and operational consulting
Step 4) We address all your employee and retention challenges
Step 5) We mitigate your risk by ensuring that you have the right contracts in place

You know you need to make a change. You know you need help.